I am Attila Kertész knife maker.

Welcome to my website.

I have been making knives by hand since 1986.

At first in the local steel factory (Salgótarján) for representational purposes, then since 1996 I worked with my friend Sándor Földi in a joint workshop.

From the beginning of 2009 we separated and I continue making knives in my own workshop.

I have two main guidelines that define my work. The standard hunting knives, which I design based on the needs and experience of hunters, and the unique, collector knives.

When decorating the custom knives, the work of other masters also appears on my knives (scrimshaw, bulino, carving, engraving).

The sheaths of my standard knives are made by my wife, to my great pride.

My works can also be seen on the knives of Árpád Bojtoš, where I do the edge shaping (edge sharpening).

Since 2014 I am a member of the German Knife Makers Guild (DMG). (Deutsche Messermacher Gilde)

I wish you a pleasant visit and look forward to welcoming you as an owner of an AFK knife soon.

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